Wednesday, January 27, 2010

invisible sweet tooth

photo credit to: taminsea

I wish I was more of a snacks/baked-goods type of person. There are times when I crave something sweet (usually only ice cream), but for the most part, I'd rather eat real food. But maybe, I'll try to get into this sweets business. I always come across pictures of the prettiest desserts and pastries, and it's a shame because I don't think I'd really enjoy tasting them as much as looking at them (with the exception of a few things). Funny because, in addition to this, I am horrible at baking. I never really understood how poor my skills were until the failure of my mom's tiramisu birthday cake. I guess not having an electric mixer makes a big deal.. and I suppose not being very exact in my measurements could have something to do with it... but c'mon, how much of a difference could that make? Apparently, a lot. But with a lost bet resulting in baking 300 cookies (I really must learn how to make bets I'll win) and a number of other factors-- mainly just an excuse to visit hole-in-the-wall bakeries-- I think I'll try to start forming a sweet tooth.

fico assim sem voce - adriana calcanhotto


  1. How did you end up in that (the 300 cookies thing)?!

    Dude. Me too. I think I like making/looking at them more than actually eating them...but that's a good thing! Who wants diabetes, right?

  2. sarah! that song is my ringtone!! isn't portuguese lovely :)